What’s a Pajiba?

Pajiba was established by Dustin Rowles in 2004 as a small political blog. After turning focus to film and television, we eventually became much more than a small “blog.” With a robust international audience we feature a variety of voices from different backgrounds across the United States, Canada, Europe, and even South America. These days, the website primarily covers film, television, politics, and celebrity culture.

Ok, you say, but that still doesn’t cover what a “Pajiba” is. Fair enough. Dustin wrote about it at length here, but the short version is: it’s a made-up nonsense word that was ultimately used for the website simply to win a stupid college “competition” among friends. So, you know, the best kind of competition.

In the midst of this competition, however, I once suggested to Timmy that my word was so much better than his that, when I got older, I would start a company, and I would name it Pajiba, and my word would definitively win our competition.

Seven years later, that’s exactly what I did.

Why Subscribe?

While our website covers a broad range of topics, our Substack will be primarily devoted to politics, with the occasional divergence into some of the details and machinations of running a pop-culture website and Substack newsletter. At the moment, all of the content here will be free for everyone. So why subscribe?

Support Pajiba

Pajiba is a proudly independent website that, for almost 20 years, has been supported exclusively by ads, with free access to everything we have ever written. Digital advertising is a fickle beast, and it gets a bit more expensive each year to keep the lights on, from our servers to our licenses to, most importantly, fairly paying our wonderful writers. Paying for a subscription here will help us keep the website exactly the way it is, free for all, while giving those of you want the ability to help support everything we do the opportunity to join our family and do just that. It will also help support the additional content we plan to provide here, stuff that we otherwise might not be able to publish on the site because of a lack of ad support.

Stay Up-to-Date

Keeping up to date with any website can sometimes be exhausting. We’ve all been there. In addition to the exclusive content we plan on publishing here, we also expect to be putting together some featured roundups of the best stuff we’ve published on the site.

So subscribing here, free or paid, will also help you keep up to date on our Substack content as well as making sure you have links to our best website stuff sent right to your Inbox.

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